Kim Pettit March 19, 2022

2022-04-05 | 18:27:58

"After doing considerable research, I chose SA Paramount Co. Inc. to build a covered patio and mortar in two separate flagstone walkways. I told Bob, the owner, and Ted, the project manager, what I wanted. They offered great suggestions I would never have thought it. Their experience was invaluable. I am so glad they did the work. The job site was cleaned up everyday. Ted was awesome for all the work he did, including details (at no extra charge). I especially want to thank Mr. Guerra (the mason) for his tremendous skill in doing the flagstone walkways. Not only do they look great, but they are much safer to walk on. I really look forward to enjoying the beautiful patio with the two ceiling fans and stained concrete deck. Bob was straight forward on everything and easy to deal with. Pricing was very reasonable. Thanks to all of you for doing such great work. I highly recommend using SA Paramount."
Jacob February 4, 2022


"This has been the most pleasant experience working with them!"