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3 Common Myths About Concrete

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Our team at SA Paramount Co. Inc. has extensive experience in the home improvement industry, which means we have frequently worked with concrete. While those who work in construction are thoroughly familiar with concrete and how to use it, those outside the industry don’t share this understanding, and may harbor some misconceptions about it.

3 Common Myths About Concrete

In this article, we’ll do our best to correct some of the most common myths about concrete.

  • Myth: Concrete is waterproof. Many people mistakenly believe concrete is impermeable and therefore waterproof. However, even the densest forms of concrete are somewhat porous, which means water can pass through them. To protect concrete from water, it must be sealed, and the sealant must be reapplied every year.
  • Myth: Concrete is not an eco-friendly option. Many people who worry about the environmental impact of construction worry about the materials used in it. While there are good reasons to be concerned about the processes and resources used to manufacture various construction materials, concrete has a relatively low environmental impact. The materials used to create it are common and easy to obtain, and the manufacturing process uses less energy than is used to produce many alternatives. Concrete is also recyclable, further reducing its environmental impact.
  • Myth: Working with concrete is easy. Lastly, we want to push back on the idea that concrete is easy to work with. If you are planning to install concrete yourself, we strongly encourage you to hire professionals, like those on our team, instead. It is easy to make mistakes in concrete installation if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we recommend calling our team for the great results you deserve.